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“I join a small group session of Jules’ every week where she does circuit style work with a group of us who train for endurance events. Jules pushes us to work harder than we would on our own, she is knowledgeable about her trade, enthusiastic and provides great variety in her sessions which are held in local woods, often with no formal equipment.” 



“My experience of training with Jules is a very positive one. She provided a highly effective balance of support and challenge in our training together. Jules quickly adapted to my changing needs and requirements and provided excellent follow up and feedback. Jules shows great diligence in demonstrating accurate technique to ensure safe training. Jules clearly loves her work, is passionate about improving a person’s sense of well being and sharing her knowledge. She is also very personable and provides a positive and motivating environment in which to get fitter.” 



“Jules trained me to do the Windsor Half-Marathon and London Marathon. As a keen runner I was pleased to achieve significant new PBs over both courses and to feel physically and mentally more prepared than ever. I loved the variety of Jules’ sessions, the clarity of her instruction and her advice on how I could train effectively on my own”. 





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