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10 Minute Home Workout

This short, sharp home workout is ideal to help you to stay healthy and fit, burn fat and tone up. Perform each exercise as intensively as possible and then rest for 0 – 30 seconds before moving on to the next one. Always perform the exercises with proper form, especially in the hip bridges and squat thrusts.

  • Jog on the spot for 3 minutes to warm-up

  • Jumping jacks x 50

  • Crunches x 15

  • Hip bridge lifts x 15

  • Step-ups for 1 minute

  • Reverse crunches x 15

  • Mountain climbers for 1 minute

  • Press-ups x 15

  • Squat thrusts for 1 minute

  • Repeat (minus the warm-up jog)

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